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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Industrial wireless sensor networks: channel modeling and performance evaluation

Frequency, f 2.4 GHz
Sampling frequency, fs 10 Hz
Simulation time, t 300 s
Transmit power, pt 0 dBm
Distance between the Tx and the Rx, d0 80 m
Receiver noise figure, F 11 dB
Receiver noise bandwidth, B 5 MHz
Noise temperature, Tn 290 K
Channel state probability from good to bad, PGB 0.005
Channel state probability from bad to good, PBG 0.1
Ratio of noise power in the bad and good channel, R 100
Number of interfering signals, N 5
Total interference power, J 4 dBm
Maximum multipath delay, τmax 334 ns
Number of multipath components, M 25
Ricean K-factor of the multipath components, K 25 dB
Relative permittivity of the reflecting surfaces at 2.4 GHz, η 1-j802[21]