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Table 1 Variables related to configuration parameters involved in the RMPA handover

From: The cross layer RMPA handover: a reliable mobility pattern aware handover strategy for broadband wireless communication in a high-speed railway domain

Configuration parameters Range
Frame size 2–20 ms
Neighbour advertisement interval <Cell radio/ (5*Ms(V)*Tframe)
Ranging parameters
Backoff window size  
Ranging backoff start 0–15
Ranging backoff end 0–15
T 3 = timeout value for receiving a valid ranging code 0–200 ms
Ncs = contention areaa >2*6
Number of retries to send contention ranging requests (T 33) >16
Scanning parameters
Scan duration (N) 0–255 frames
Interleaving interval (P) 0–255 frames
Scan iterations (T) 0–255 frames
Start frame (M) 0–15 frames
T 44 Scan request retransmission timer 0–100 ms
  1. aNumber of symbol times >2 per number of subchannels >6) or number of slots per frame in single carrier PHY model.