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Table 1 PCC algorithm

From: Optimal power control and coverage management in two-tier femtocell networks

Primal-dual algorithm to solve PCC (P3):
Initialization Set t=0 and p ¯ var 0 equal to a non-negative value.
Step Operation Input Output
1 Solve ICPs at each cell considering the specific users’ utilities as well as the power vector p ¯ var t , via the canonical dual algorithm in Section IV.A, deriving cell’s optimal utility vector, the normalized Lagrangian multiplier and users’ power vector for the specific p ¯ var t . This implies a iterative algorithm. U j jS j p ¯ var t U ¯ c * p ¯ c * , p ¯ var λ c * p ¯ var t p ¯ c * t
2 Each cell c dynamically updates its maximum transmission power pc,var(t + 1) in accordance to the gradient algorithm (23). This information is sent to the macro cell using existing 3GPP signaling. λ c * p ¯ var t a(t) pc,var(t + 1)
3 Set t ← t + 1, disseminate p ¯ var t , a(t) and go to step 1 (until satisfying termination criterion). Upon convergence, optimal CM and power control vector p ¯ c * , p ¯ * var have been derived.   p ¯ c * , p ¯ * var