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Table 1 The meaning of the symbols used in Equations ( 1 )–( 10 )

From: Downlink packet scheduling and resource allocation in EPON WiMAX hybrid access networks

Symbol Meaning
M The total number of ONU-BS in the system
N The total number of SS in the system
J The maximum number of connections per SS
TSS m The maximum resource (time slots) of ONU-BS m
Ts mn The resource (time slots) allocated to SS n by ONU-BS m
A mn Whether ONU-BS m is the serving BS of SS n
R n The actual bandwidth (bps) allocated to SS n
R n req The minimum required bandwidth of SS n
MRR j req The minimum required bandwidth of the j th connection
MLTR j req The bandwidth that is needed for completely transmitting all the packets before deadline by the j th connection
SINR n The SINR value of SS n
MCS n The MCS adopted by SS n
F n The code rate of the error correction code used by SS n
GERn The packet loss rate of SS n
Thresholdloss_rate The required packet loss rate by WiMAX