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Table 1 Requirements of the IMT-Advanced and LTE-Advanced

From: Overview of enabling technologies for 3GPP LTE-advanced

Performance metrics IMT-Advanced requirements LTE-Advanced requirements
Peak data rate DL 1 Gbps, UL 1 Gbps DL 1 Gbps, UL 0.5 Gbps
Peak spectral efficiency DL 15 bps/Hz, UL 6.75 bps/Hz DL 30 bps/Hz, UL 15 bps/Hz
Bandwidth Scalable bandwidth, minimum
40 MHz
Scalable bandwidth, 1.4/3/5/10/15/20 MHz per band, up to total 100 MHz
   User plane Maximum 10 ms Maximum 10 ms
   Control plane Maximum 100 ms Maximum 50 ms
Handover interrupt time   
   Intra-frequency 27.5 ms Better than LTE release 8
   Inter-frequency 40 ms (within a band)  
  60 ms (between bands)  
VoIP capacity   
   Indoor 50 users/sector/MHz Better than LTE release 8
   Microcell 40 users/sector/MHz  
   Base coverage urban 40 users/sector/MHz  
   High speed 30 users/sector/MHz