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Table 2 Functions of each protocol

From: Overview of enabling technologies for 3GPP LTE-advanced

Protocol Functions
NAS · Connection and session management between UE and the core network
  · Authentication
  · Registration
  · Bearer context activation/deactivation
  · Location registration management
RRC · Broadcast system information related to Non-Access Stratum (NAS) and Access Stratum (AS)
  · Establishment, maintenance, and release of RRC connection
  · Security functions including key management
  · Mobility functions
  · QoS management functions
  · UE measurement reporting and control of the reporting
  · NAS direct message transfer between UE and NAS
PDCP · Header compression
  · In-sequence delivery and retransmission of PDCP Session Data Units (SDU's) for acknowledge mode radio bearer at handover
  · Duplicate detection
RLC · Error correction through Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ)
  · Segmentation according to the size of transport block and re-segmen in case a retransmission is needed
  · Concatenation of SDU's for the same radio bearer
  · Protocol error detection and recovery
  · In-sequence delivery
MAC · Multiplexing/demultiplexing of RLC PDU's
  · Scheduling information reporting
  · Error correction through HARQ
  · Local channel prioritization
  · Padding
PHY · Transmission of electric signals
  · Modulation
  · Line coding
  · Synchronization