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Table 1 Algorithmic notation and data structures

From: Adaptive neighbor-based topology control protocol for wireless multi-hop networks

WHITE color Ordinary node
RED color k-symmetric neighbor
BLUE color k-asymmetric neighbor
BLACK color Backbone node
n Total number of nodes in the network
Tx max Maximum transmission range
N i * Set of all one-hop neighbors of node i
N i k Set of k least-distant neighbors of node i
T x i k Transmission range of node i required to reach the farthest neighbor in N i k
d (i, j) Estimated distance between nodes i and j
T max Maximum delay a node must wait, before initiating the next step
T d, fwd Forwarding delay for TC message
T interval Forwarding interval for TC message
i.msgCache_ { nb.Identity_; nb.Distance_; nb.Color_;
nb.Backbone_; nb.HopCount_; } entry;