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Table 5 List of notations

From: Implementing opportunistic spectrum access in LTE-advanced

Acronym Definition
3 GPP 3rd generation partnership project
A-GNSS Assisted-Global navigation Satellite system
AoA Angle of arrival
CA Carrier aggregation
CC Component carrier
CR Cognitive radio
CRM Cognitive resource manager
Dist TA Timing advance resolution distance
DTV Digital television
E-CID Enhance cell ID
ECGI Evolved cell global identifier
E-SMLC Enhanced service mobile location center
FA False alarm
Geo-DB Geo-located database
IMT-A International mobile telecommunications-advanced
LCS-AP Location services application protocol
LPP LTE positioning protocol
LPPa LTE position protocol annex
LTE Long term evolution
LTE-A Long term evolution-advanced
MaxCIR Maximum carrier-to-interference ratio
MD Missed detection
MGL Measurement gap length
MGRP Measurement gap repetition period
MIH Media independent handover
MME Mobility management entity
NC-OFDMA Non-contiguous OFDMA
N.A. Not applicable
OFDM Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
OFDMA Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access
OTDoA Observed time difference of arrival
OSA Opportunistic spectrum access
PC Power control
PRS Positioning reference signals
RB Resource block
ROC Receiver operating characteristic
RSSI Received signal strength indicator
RSRQ Reference signal received quality
Rx Receiver
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
TA Timing advance
TETRA Terrestrial trunked radio
T s Sensing time
T samp Sampling period
T p Sensing periodicity
Tx Transmitter
UE User equipment
UMa Urban Macro