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Table 1 Notations

From: Optimization of transport capacity in wireless multihop networks

Notations Description
θ Path loss exponent
n Number of nodes
D Carrier sensing range
R Single-hop transmission range
C(R,D) Transmission rate
m(R,D) Maximum number of packets by single-hop transmission
M Unit packet size
λ Packet incoming rate
E[H] Average number of hops between a source-destination pair
T Time needed for one transmission
E[d q ] Average queueing delay at each node
v(R,Λ) Packet velocity
d e (R,Λ) End-to-end delay
λ Packet generating rate (end-to-end throughput when d e (R,Λ) is finite)
Λmax(R) Throughput capacity
C T (R,Λ) Revised transport capacity
R(Λ) Optimal transmission range when the packet generation rate is fixed to λ
Λ(R) Optimal packet generation rate when the transmission range is fixed to R
Λ opt Optimal packet generation rate (end-to-end throughput)