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Table 1 Overview of simulation parameters

From: Network-MIMO for downlink in-band relay transmissions

Parameter Value
Central frequency 2 GHz
Channel bandwidth and duplex method 20 MHz in TDD
Macrocell order B = 3
Inter site distance (ISD) 500 m
Number of sectors 3
Number of relays per sector 2 (and hence R = 6)
Sectors configurations Convergent sectors
Antenna height BS/RS/UE 25 m/10 m/1.5 m
Transmit power at BS/RS 46 dBm/37 dBm
Noise spectral density -174 dBm/Hz
Maximum number of beams nB = 4
Antenna elements at RS/UE nR = 2/nM = 2 (and thus m i  = 2)
BS/RS antenna gain 14 dBi/5 dBi
Noise factor at BS and RS 7
Noise figure at UE 9 dB
Total losses at BS/RS/UE 6 dB/2 dB/2 dB