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Table 3 Overview of deployment parameters and channel models for a hotspot scenario

From: Network-MIMO for downlink in-band relay transmissions

Parameter Value
Number of areas per cell 2
Area composition Two buildings with several floors, three streets
Number of offices on each floor 10
Office size 10 m × 10 m
Office height 3 m
Street weight 10 m
Probability of the user to be outdoor 0.8
Path loss models BS to RS B5a LOS and C1 NLOS Winner II
BS to UE outdoor C2 (UMa) Winner II
BS to UE indoor Dense urban indoor
RS to UE outdoor ITU UMi with 10-m transmit antenna height
RS to UE indoor C4 Winner II
MIMO channel LOS and NLOS angular dispersion used
Shadowing & fast fading Distance-dependent shadowing, from Winner
Shadowing standard deviation BS to RS B5a LOS and C1 NLOS Winner II
BS to UE ITU UMa/C2 Winner II
RS to UE ITU UMi/C4 Winner II
Antenna array/elements at BS ULA/4–12
Penetration loss due to buildings 10 dB