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Table 3 Rehabilitation program

From: Effect of chiropractic and lumbar exercise program on lumbar muscle strength and Cobb's angle in patients with scoliosis for u-Healthcare

Treatments   Forms Frequency Set Treatment time
Lumbar exercise program Warm upa Stationary bicycle 3/week 1 5 min
Stretchingb Static/dynamic stretching (iliopsoas m/piriformis m /hamstring m/trunk twist) 3/week 5 to 10 s/5 times 10 min
Main exercise Dumbbell side bending exercise 3/week 5 times (10-s hold)/3sets 20 min
Thoracic lateral flexion exercise    
Trunk extension exercise
Scapula stabilizing exercise
Lumbar stabilizing exercise
Cool downa Stationary bicycle 3/week 1 5 min
Chiropractic   Cervical spine lateral correction (left and right) 3/week 1 10 min
Thoracic spine rotation correction in sitting
Lumbar spine rotation correction in supine
   Pelvic, prone, and posteroinferior correction    
  1. aSaddle height at anterior superior iliac spine, knee flexion kept at 5° to10°, 50 W, 60 rpm. bStretching within painless and no-hyperflexion ranges.