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Table 1 Commonly used notations

From: Approximation algorithm for data broadcasting in duty cycled multi-hop wireless networks

Notation Meaning
G(V,E) Network graph
N(v) v’s one-hop neighbors
T Scheduling period
H Broadcast latency bound
τ(v) v’s active slot
Tspt(G) Shortest path tree (SPT)
P ij Transmissions from S ij to V ij
Rad(G,s) Maximum depth of paths in Tspt(G)
S ij Nodes with rank j that are parents of V ij
G[U] Subgraph of graph G
U i Dominators in layer i
C Set of connectors
L Maximum layer number
edc(u,v) Cost of edge (u,v)
rank(v) Rank of node v
t ij Starting transmission time of P ij
Depth(G,i) Depth of nodes in layer i of Tspt(G)
V ij Nodes in layer i whose parents have rank of j