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Table 1 Five phases of the proposed frameworks

From: Practical decentralized high-performance coordinated beamforming for both downlink and uplink in time-division duplex systems

Phase Downlink framework Uplink framework
First kth Cell site estimates H kl then H lk  = H kl , l kth Cell site estimates H kl , l
Second kth Cell site designs F k  = Fk,LFk,R kth cell site designs G k  = Gk,LGk,R
Uses (3) to design Fk,L to satisfy (4) Uses (6) to design Gk,R to satisfy (7)
Designs Fk,R using (5) (see Section 3) Designs Gk,L using (8) (see Section 3)
Third kth User estimates H kk F k or H kk Fk,L kth User estimates Gk,RH kk
Fourth kth User designs G k using (5) (see Section 3) kth User designs F k using (8) (see Section 3)
Fifth kth Cell site transmits data to kth user kth User transmits data to kth cell site