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Figure 1

From: Optimal number of routing paths in multi-path routing to minimize energy consumption in wireless sensor networks

Figure 1

Optimal flows that minimize energy dissipation in (one dimensional) linear topology. The numbers on each arc show the fraction of the total amount of data generated at each sensor node. For example, f 50 53 =0.23 shows that f 50 53 =0.23×λ× s 5 × M rnd packets, which is equal to 1,010 packets; furthermore, it also shows that b 5 1 =1,010 packets. Nodes are placed on a line with 30 m separation and Rmax = 150 m. Base station is node-0. The MIP model is solved with (a) N P , (b) N P = 2, and (c) N P = 1. Energy dissipations are indicated near the nodes.

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