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Table 1 Main simulation parameters

From: Reliability analysis for a data flow in event-driven wireless sensor networks using a multiple sending transmission approach

Parameters Symbol Value
Packet copies K 1
Intensity function for NHPP models λ(t) 1
The initial energy of all nodes E init 0.01 J
Threshold level E th 0 J
Duty cycle α 0.01
Power required by sensing event per second P 0 s 0.1 mW
Power dissipation to run transmitter circuitry P e 0.1 mW
Length of the linear region D 180 m
Transmission rate r 2.5 × 105 bit/s
Packet length L 5,000 bits
Power of background noise n 0 4 × 10-14 W
Target SNR γ t 6 dB
Variance of shadow fading σ ξ 2 8 dB
Path loss exponent η 3.71
LOS path loss at dref G -31.54 dB