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Table 3 Parameter configuration of wireless networks

From: Joint source-channel coding and optimization for mobile video streaming in heterogeneous wireless networks

Parameter Value
Target SIR value 10 dB
Orthogonality factor 0.4
Common control channel power 33 dB
Maximum power of BS 43 dB
Total cell bandwidth 3.84 Mc/s
Inter/intra-cell interference ratio 0.55
Background noise power -106 dB
Average loss rate 2%
Average burst length 10 ms
System bandwidth 7 MHz
Number of carriers 256
Sampling factor 8/7
Average SNR 15 dB
Symbol duration 2,048
Average loss rate 3.5%
Average burst length 15 ms
Average channel bit rate 15 dB
Slot time 10 μ s
Maximum contention window 32
Average loss rate 5%
Average burst length 20 ms