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Table 1 A summary of key notations

From: Reference-based fair MAC algorithm in Wi-Fi WLANs with capture effect

State variables
τ i (t) Transmission probability of the node in the class-i at the time t
p i s(t) Success probability of the transmission of a node in the class-i at the time t
p i (t) Probability that a node in the class-i transmits simultaneously with other node at the time t
p i capture(t) Probability that the transmission of the node in class-i is successfully received when its transmissions simultaneously occurs with other node
T i (t) Waiting time of the node in class-i, i.e., number of virtual slots between two consecutive successful transmissions
W i (t) CW size of the node in class i at the time t
System parameters
M Number of classes in the system
N i Number of nodes in the class i
N Total number of nodes, i.e., N = N1 + N2 + · · · + N M
Control parameters
α and β Control parameters
T ref Desired waiting time, i.e., target waiting time