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Table 1 Description of parameters

From: Deployment and management of SDR cloud computing resources: problem definition and fundamental limits

Parameter Description
n Number of nodes or processors
m Number of waveform modules or tasks
t s Call setup delay
t s max Call setup delay constraint
p b Blocking probability
p b max Blocking probability constraint
t RA Resource allocator’s (RA’s) execution time model
F Scaling factor of RA model
α Nodes’ exponent (nα) of RA model
β Modules’ exponent (mβ) of RA model
θ Cost function’s weight
ρ Traffic load in Erlangs
ρ max Maximum traffic load a single RA can manage
λ Average session initiation requests per second
1/μ Average session duration in seconds
Φ(n) Number of users that can be served with n
  processors for a given waveform model