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Table 1 Each arrow in medical scenario

From: Cloud-based active content collaboration platform using multimedia processing

1 Deploy active work through CSM (brain analysis with MRI)
2 Deploy active work in ACR (brain analysis with MRI)
3 Low-level action (create message content: “request MRI volume data” to B)
4 View content (message content: “request MRI volume data”)
5 Create brain MRI data
6 Upload content through CSM (MRI volume data)
7 Upload content in ACR (MRI volume data)
8 High-level action (execute volume rendering with AWEE)
9 Low-level action (create message content: “request 2D MRI analysis data” to C)
10 View content (message content: “request MRI analysis data”)
11 View content (multimedia content: “MRI 2D data”)
12 Analyze 2D MRI data and create analysis report
13 Upload content through CSM (“MRI analysis report”)
14 Upload content in ACR (“MRI analysis report”)
15 Low-level action (create message content: “MRI analysis is done” to A)
16 View content (multimedia content: “MRI analysis report”)