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Table 2 Active work description in medical collaboration scenario

From: Cloud-based active content collaboration platform using multimedia processing

Active work Action a1 Low-level action (message content: “notify startup of active work” to “A”, “B”, “C”)
a2 Low-level action (message content: “request MRI volume data” to “B”)
a3 Low-level action (message content : “volume data is stored” to “C”)
a4 High-level action (execute volume rendering)
a5 Low-level action (message content : “volume rendering is done” to “C”)
a6 Low-level action (message content : “MRI analysis done” to “A”)
Event e1 Deploy active work (medical collaboration)
e2 Upload content (MRI volume data)
e3 High-level action (execute volume rendering)
e4 Upload content (MRI analysis data)
Rule r1 Run a1 and a2 when e1 comes
r2 Run a3 and a4 when e2 comes
r3 Run a5 when e3 comes
r4 Run a6 when e4 comes