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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: An approach to the modulation recognition of MIMO radar signals

Simulation parameters f0(MHz) fs(GHz) T (μs) u (THz/s) T1PC(μs) T1FC(μs) L
Condition 1 100 0.5 5 2 0.25 0.25 4
Condition 2 100 2 5 4 0.05 0.1 6
  1. L is the distinct phase number of PC/PC-MIMO, T1PC and T1FC are the sub-pulse width of PC/PC-MIMO and FC/FC-MIMO, respectively. The simulation results are based on 1000 Monte Carlo trials for each modulation type and each SNR value. Particularly, we consider that SC signals are correctly recognized when the simulation results are S0 set signal but not the exact modulation type.