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Figure 3

From: A hybrid multi-path routing algorithm for industrial wireless mesh networks

Figure 3

Performances of all the algorithms in simulation situation 1. The proposed hybrid multi-path routing algorithm DAWMNet is compared in terms of its properties with existing multi-path routing algorithms, namely, AntHocNet, AOMDV, and ARAWSN. In the simulation, 100, 200, 300, and 400 nodes are randomly distributed in a square area with side length of 10 units. Two nodes can communicate with each other if the distance between them is less or equal to 2 units. The gateway is placed at the origin for all kinds of networks. A total of ten different topologies are simulated, and the average results are presented for each random network size. The number of nodes in the network is indicated on the x-axis. (a) Average end-to-end delay, (b) Packet delivery ratio, and (c) Overhead in number of packets to assess these algorithms.

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