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Table 1 Alamouti-coded decoded-and-forward protocol with relay selection for cooperative communication

From: Alamouti-coded decode-and-forward protocol with optimum relay selection and power allocation for cooperative communications

Timing Tx Rx
Phase 1 (Direct) S: Broadcast S1 to R and D R: Receive S1 from S
  D: Receive S1 from S
Phase 2 (Alamouti) S: Transmit S2 to D D: Receive S1 from R, and S2 from S with Alamouti’s coding
R: Retransmit S1 to D D: Receive − S2* from S
Phase 3 (Direct) S: Broadcast − S2* to R and D R: Receive − S2* from S
Phase 4 (Alamouti) S: Transmit S1* to D D: Receive − S2*from R, and S1* from S with Alamouti's coding
  R: Retransmit − S2* to D  
  1. Tx, treatment phase; Rx, receive phase; S, source node; R, relay node; D, destination node.