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Table 2 Parameters per service

From: Insights in the cost of continuous broadband Internet on trains for multi-service deployments by multiple actors with resource sharing

Parameters Free passenger Wi-Fi Video-on-demand Crew communication
Average adoption 20%/18% 3% 100%
Mbps downlink > Train 0.05 ppps 0.00 ppps 0.01 ptps
Mbps uplink > Wayside 0.05 ppps 0.00 ppps 0.01 ptps
Mbps downlink > Pass 0.05 ppps 1.00 ppps 0.01 ptps
Mbps uplink > Gateway 0.05 ppps 0.01 ppps 0.01 ptps
On-board storage (GB) 0 470 0
  1. The adoption of passenger Wi-Fi is lower when the service is offered side-by-side with a video-on-demand service as these are competing services. ppps and ptps respectively stand for per passenger per second and per train per second, respectively.