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Table 1 Example of simulation parameters for the channel with one scattering cluster

From: Effect of scattering environment on estimation quality in V2I and V2V communications

Param. Value Description
N r 8 Number of antennas on the receiving side
N t 8 Number of antennas on the transmitting side
v r 30 km/h Speed of the receiver
v t 0 km/h Speed of the transmitter
W 6 MHz Required channel half-bandwidth
f c 2 GHz Carrier frequency
d r , d t 0.5 Receive/transmit antenna spacing normalized to
   wave length
P c 1 Power weights for clusters
ϕ 0r 20° Azimuthal angle at which center of the cluster
   is seen to the receiver
ϕ 0t 10° Azimuthal angle at which center of the
   cluster is seen to the transmitter
α r ,α t The angle between broadside vector and
   movement direction
Δ ϕ r Angular spread seen from receiving side
Δ ϕ t Angular spread seen from transmitting side
τ 0.3 μ s A mean delay associated with the cluster
Δ τ 0.1 μ s Corresponding delay spread
F st 50 MHz Sampling frequency in delay domain
F s 250 Hz Rate of sampling in Doppler domain
irL 142 Length of the impulse response (num of samples)
L 1,024 Number of samples (in Doppler domain)
Nf 128 Number of equally spaced samples for process
   representation at bandwidth [ −W, W]
rate 105 bps The transmission rate, bits per second