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Table 1 Terms and symbols

From: Analysis of the scope of cooperative bandwidth sharing among mobile routers in vehicular networks

Symbols Terms
x i {x ij } Rate allocation vector of node i
e i Available link bandwidth between node i and base station (BS) tower
w Available capacity of WLAN
x ii Flow rate of node i directly connected to BS tower
x ij Flow rate of node i via the link of node j to the BS tower
The set of the nodes in CS
x i,max Max requirement of the traffic flow of node i
r A requester
h A helper
f A forwarder
The set of the helpers in CS
The set of the requesters in CS
θ A path θ f 0 , f 1 ,, f m , which is defined as a sequence of forwarders, each of which, e.g., f i , receives packets from its uplink node fi−1 and sends to its downlink node fi+1
P(h,r) The set of all possible paths between h and r
c h , c r Constant coefficients for helper cost and relay cost per unit data, respectively
(θ) The set of links that compose the path θ
δ l The link cost δ l δ(i,j)1/p(i,j), which is defined as the reciprocal of the successful transmission probability between i and j