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Table 1 Definitions of terms used in this paper

From: HCOR: a high-throughput coding-aware opportunistic routing for inter-flow network coding in wireless mesh networks

Term Definition
Native packet (flow) A non-encoded packet (flow)
Encoded packet (flow) A packet (flow) that is the XOR of multiple native packets (flows)
Virtual native packet (flow) The native packet (flow) that is XORed in an encoded packet (flow)
Overheard information The set of nodes which have overheard the native packet (flow)
Coding node The node which encodes native packets together
Decoding node The node which decodes the encoded packets
Forwarding lists of an encoded packet The set of forwarding lists for the virtual native packets
Packet ID A 32-bit hash of the packet’s IP source address and IP sequence number
Output queue A FIFO queue at each node to buffer the packets that need to be sent
Packet pool A buffer where a node stores all packets sent and overheard in the past T seconds