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Table 1 Notations and assumptions

From: A self-organized metaheuristic approach towards inter-cell interference management for LTE-Advanced

Parameters Meaning
K Total number of eNBs
N Number of UEs in the system;
L Total number of CCs;
M j Total number of RBs in l th CC;
P ml k Transmission power on k th eNB on m th RB of l th CC;
W Total power budget available on k th eNB;
H ml n k Channel gain between k th eNB and n th UE operating on m th RB of l th CC;
SINR ml n SINR value at the n th UE on m th RB of l th CC;
x ml n Decision variable as described in (9);
γ n The achieved capacity by the n th UE;
D n The demand in terms of RBs of the n th UE;
Γ 0 The minimum capacity throughput limit in the system;
P Particle size in the proposed algorithm;
X j Position vector of the j th particle;
V j Velocity of the j th particle;