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Table 1 Offline evaluation metrics

From: SAViNE: social network analysis - inspired content delivery network deployment and experimentation

Mapping cost The cost of mapping a CDN on the testbed
  equals the amount of required bandwidth
  for all content distribution substrate paths
  as defined by the surrogate placement
  solution augmented by the computing
  resources allocated to each surrogate node.
CDN deployment cost The overall cost of deploying a CDN is based
  on the adopted cost models (retrieval, update,
  storage[9]). The cost is essentially comprised
  by (i) the cost for storing the content at the
  selected sites (ii) the access cost of CDN
  end users within the area of service (iii)
  the cost of updating the content at the
  transit/surrogate servers
Number of surrogate The number of nodes that are selected by
servers the placement algorithm to host a
  surrogate server.
Path length The average number of hops between
  CDN end users and the origin server in a
  particular CDN solution.
Shortest path Shortest path betweenness centrality for a
betweenness centrality particular CDN solution is defined as the
  average of individual SPBCs of the selected
  surrogates comprising the final CDN solution.