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Table 1 Comparison of ML decoding complexities of STBCs for 4 × 2 MIMO transmission

From: Achieving low-complexity maximum-likelihood detection for the 3D MIMO code

STBC ML decoding complexity
  Any QAM Square QAM
New 3D MIMO O(M6) O(M4.5)
DjABBA [12] O(M7) O(M6)
Perfect code (two-layer) [24] O(M6) O(M5.5)
BHV [7] O(M6) O(M4.5)
EAST [9] O(M5) O(M4.5)
Srinath-Rajan [8] O(M5) O(M4.5)
IFS [11] O(M5) O(M4.5)