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Table 1 A subset of the most relevant classes and APIs used in the communication protocol application

From: Combination of a geolocation database access with infrastructure sensing in TV bands

APIs/Java classes Description
httpRequest A class that provides a communication channel between the sensor network and the geolocation database web server.
verifyNodeConfiguration Verifies if the node has the correct configuration.
returnFirstEmptySlot Search for the first empty memory slot available from a sensor node SD card.
returnNodeLocation Queries the sensor node for its location (longitude and latitude).
returnSlotSize Queries the sensor node for the amount of data recorded on a memory slot.
isSlotEmpty Verifies if a memory slot form the SD card is free.
isSlotReady Verifies if sensing data has been fully written to a memory slot.
sensingProgram Post a sensing command to a sensor node.
deleteSlotData Frees up the memory slot.
ReturnSensingData A package the provides interfaces and classes that allow applications to display and control a Google Map interface.