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Figure 12

From: Jointly optimized rate-compatible UEP-LDPC codes for half-duplex co-operative relay networks

Figure 12

BER performance of the QC-LDPC code proposed in [[9]]. With the decode and forward strategy of the relay terminal and without re-encoding. The QC-LDPC codes have code rate 0.5 and a codeword length of 1,296 bits, while the proposed RC UEP-LDPC code has code rate 0.25 and a codeword length of 2,592 bits. Note that since the repetition coding scheme is used in [9], it is fair to compare these codes to the proposed codes of double codeword length and half the code rate. The proposed code shows 1.9-dB gain over the codes in [9] at d=0.4.

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