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Table 5 Overview of communication standards for IoEVs

From: A survey on communication technologies and requirements for internet of electric vehicles

End users Application Name of standards and technologies
EV-EVSE Energy transfer - garage charging SAE J2293, SAE J2836/1, J2847/1, SAE J2836/2, J2847/2, SAE J2836/3, SAE J2847/3, SAE J2836/4, J2847/4, SAE J2931, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-24
EVSE - Energy Management Unit (EMU) Home area network Zigbee, 802.11, HomePlug
Customer (EMU) - grid Garage charging, load shifting, valley filling, energy trading PLC, 3G/4G/WiMAX/LTE/5G, WMN, TV white space, DSL, cable
Mobile EV - control center Public charging 3G/4G/WiMAX/LTE/5G, WMN
Inter-control center Public charging IEC 60870-6/TASE.2