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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Area-classified interference coordination for heterogeneous cellular network

Parameters Setting
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Number of subcarriers 2,048
Thermal noise density -174 dBm/Hz
Number of macro BSs 1
Mobile users within macro range 630
Number of RRH BSs 1
Mobile users within RRH range 630
MBS transmit power 46 dBm
MUE distribution radius 289 m
RRH node transmit power 30 dBm
Codebook size 32, 64
Codebook cluster size 4, 8
Macro path loss model 128.1 + 37.6 log10(R) dB (R in km)
RRH path loss model 140.7 + 36.7 log10(R) dB (R in km)
Distance MBS-RRH node 200 m
Minimum distance MBS-macro user 35 m
Minimum distance RRH node-RRH user 10 m
Scheduler Proportional fairness