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Table 2 Simulation parameters for the evaluation of SUIT

From: Fuzzy-based congestion control for wireless multimedia sensor networks

Parameter Value
Number of sensors 256
Area 400 m × 400 m
Sink location (0,400)
Number of targets 1 to 7
Target velocity 2 m/s
Camera observation angle 52°
Depth of field 30 m
Rate for NC case 2 fps
Rate for SC case 4 fps
Rate for FC case 6 fps
Average packet size 1 KB
Average JPEG image size 9.2 KB
Buffer size 100 KB
Channel rate 2 Mbps
Communication range 80 m
  1. Target mobility model: random waypoint; detection model: binary FoV; MAC protocol: Diff-MAC [35]; routing protocol: GPSR [42].