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Table 1 List of abbreviations and symbols

From: A quantitative study of Cooperative Awareness Messages in production VANETs

Abbreviation/symbol Meaning
A5, A6 Autobahn 5/6
B CAM CAM size (bytes)
C Transmission bandwidth of 802.11p
C2C, Car2Car Car-to-car communication
CAM Cooperative awareness message
d co Crossover distance
d range comm Communication range (radius)
DENM Decentralized environmental notification message
d vehicle inter Average distance between vehicles on a lane
d HS Hidden station range (radius)
d Distance between sender and receiver
γ Nakagami signal attenuation parameter
Γ SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
hsnd,hrcv Antenna height of sender and receiver
l vehicle Average length of vehicles
λ Signal wavelength
LDM Local dynamic map
μ Path loss coefficient
n lanes Number of overall parallel lanes of a road
n rcvd passing Number of received CAMs from a single vehicle whilepassing
φ Penetration rate of VANET technology
P [ d 1 , d 2 ] Average message reception probability for distance interval [d1,d2]
P combined success Overall CAM reception probability
P Nakagami success Message reception probability for Nakagami model
P hidden loss Message loss probability due to hidden stations
r rcvd CAM Rate of received CAMs ( CAMs s )
r sent cr Rate of sent CAMs within communication range of receiver
r rcvd cr Rate of received CAMs within communication range ofreceiver
ρ Relative channel load
σ CAM CAM generation density per meter and second
σ vehicle Vehicle density ( vehicles m )
SUMO Simulator for Urban MObility
T air Air-time of message on channel
T CA Channel access time
T sent CAM Inter-generation time of CAMs from a single sender
T d inter Inter-reception time of CAMs from senders with distance d
T [ d 1 , d 2 ] inter Inter-reception time of CAMs from senders with distance d1 to d2
T Off Back-off time for CAM triggering
t pass Communication time between vehicles passing in opposite direction
TraCI Traffic control interface
VANET Vehicular ad-hoc network
v Average vehicle speed
V2V Vehicle-to-vehicle communication