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Table 3 Unit step approximations of the block fading PER for usual channel models

From: Approximations of the packet error rate under quasi-static fading in direct and relayed links

Model Block PER approximate
Rayleigh \(\displaystyle 1- \exp \left (-\frac {\gamma _{\text {th}}}{\bar {\gamma }} \right)\)
Rice \(\displaystyle 1- Q_{1}\left (\sqrt {2K},\sqrt {2(K+1)\frac {\gamma _{\text {th}}}{\bar {\gamma }}}\right)\)
Nakagami \(\displaystyle \frac {1}{\Gamma (m)} \gamma \left (m,\frac {m \gamma _{\text {th}}}{\bar {\gamma }}\right)\)
Log-normal \(\displaystyle Q \left (\frac {\bar {\gamma } - 10 \log _{10} \left (\gamma _{\text {th}}\right)}{\sigma _{S}} \right)\)
  1. Q 1 (ยท) is the first order Marcum Q-function.