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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Mobility management in HetNets: a learning-based perspective

Parameter Value
Cellular layout Hexagonal grid,
  Three sectors per cell, reuse 1
Carrier frequency 2 GHz
System bandwidth 10 MHz
Subframe duration 1 ms
Number of RBs 50
Number of macrocells 1
Number of PBSs per macrocell P {1,2,3}
Max. macro (pico) BS transmit power \(P_{\text {max}}^{M} = 46\) dBm
  (\(P_{\text {max}}^{P} = 30\) dBm)
Macro path loss model 128.1+37.6 log10(R) dB (R[km])
Pico path loss model 140.7+36.7 log10(R) dB (R[km])
Traffic model Full buffer
Scheduling algorithm Proportional fair
Transmission mode Transmit diversity
Min. dist. MBS-PBS 75 m
Min. dist. PBS-PBS 40 m
Min. dist. MBS-MUE 35 m
Min. dist. PBS-PUE 10 m
Hotspot radius 60 m
Thermal noise density −174 dBm
Macro BS antenna gain 14 dBi
Pico BS antenna gain 5 dBi