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Table 1 Procedure of solving the problem (Equations 12 to 14 ) by the proposed Algorithm 1

From: MMSE-based joint source and relay optimization for interference MIMO relay systems

Steps Description
1) Initialize the algorithm with \(\left \{\textbf {F}_{l}^{(0)}\right \}\) and \(\left \{\textbf {B}_{k}^{(0)}\right \}\) satisfying Equations 9 and 10; Set n=0.
2) Obtain \(\left \{\textbf {W}^{(n+1)}_{k}\right \}\) based on Equation 16 with fixed \(\left \{\textbf {F}_{l}^{(n)}\right \}\) and \(\left \{\textbf {B}_{k}^{(n)}\right \}\).
3) Update \(\{\textbf {F}_{l}^{(n+1)}\}\) through solving the problem (Equations 24 to 25) with given \(\left \{\textbf {B}_{k}^{(n)}\right \}\) and \(\left \{\textbf {W}_{k}^{(n+1)}\right \}\).
4) Update \(\{\textbf {B}_{k}^{(n+1)}\}\) by solving the problem (Equations 31 to 33) with fixed \(\left \{\textbf {F}_{l}^{(n+1)}\right \}\) and \(\left \{\textbf {W}_{k}^{(n+1)}\right \}\).
5) If SMSE(n)−SMSE(n+1)ε, then end. Otherwise, let n:=n+1 and go to step 2.