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Table 2 Parameter settings for simulation

From: Power minimization of cooperative beamforming networks with spectrum sharing

Description Value
Amplifier efficiency ρ 38%
Circuit power p C 1 mw
Power for training signals P TR 1 mw
Bits per symbol of MS b RD 6
Bits per symbol of CB b SR 4
Number of training symbols N TR 1
Number of symbols for CB N RD 99
Outage probability threshold ε 0.01
Required QoS of PU/SU 1/0.5 bps/Hz
Pathloss exponent α 3.5
PT-PR distance d p 0<d p ≤1,000 m
PT-ST distance \({d_{p{s_{k}}}}\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\) \({{\mathrm {d}}_{{\mathrm {p}}{{\mathrm {s}}_{\mathrm {k}}}}} \le 800 m \phantom {\dot {i}\!}\)
ST-PR distance \({d_{{s_{k}}d}}\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\) \({d_{{s_{k}}d}} = 300\) m
ST-SR distance d su d su=200 m
Maximum transmission power P max 40 mw
Noise spectral density N o 0.5
Number of snapshots per meter 20
SNR threshold for decoding θ 1 0.01
SNR of the worst link between ST k and PR θ 2 0.0001