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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: A computationally efficient method for self-planning uplink power control parameters in LTE

Parameters Settings
Spectrum allocation 10 MHz (50 PRBs)
Carrier frequency 2 GHz
Cell layout 7 eNBs, 21 sectors, regular grid
  (200 m resolution).
Distance attenuation 133.9+35.2log10(d), d in km
Slow fading constant 8 dB
Thermal noise density −174 dBm/Hz
Cell radius 1.5 km (3 km inter-site distance)
eNB antenna height 30 m
eNB antenna tilt 5
eNB antenna pattern and gain 3GPP ideal [32]
Maximum UE transmit power 23 dBm
Path-loss compensation factor, α 1 (full compensation)
Traffic model Full buffer