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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Femtocell power control methods based on users’ context information in two-tier heterogeneous networks

Parameters Values
Number of macrocells 1
Number of femtocells 30
Number of MUEs 10 to 60
Number of FUEs 4
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Total number of RBs 50
Macro Tx power 43 dBm
Femto Tx power 23 dBm
Thermal noise density -174 dBm/Hz
Carrier frequency 3.5 GHz
UE noise figure 2.5 dB
Macrocell radius 1 km
FUEs’ average speed 3 km/h
MUEs’ average speed 30 km/h
SINR\(_{\text {MUE}}^{\text {target}}\) 5.7 dB
SINR\(_{\text {FUE}}^{\text {target}}\) 12.6 dB
Δ P 0.1 dB