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Table 2 DVB-T2-Lite and LTE main system parameters considered in this study

From: Study of coexistence between indoor LTE femtocell and outdoor-to-indoor DVB-T2-Lite reception in a shared frequency band

Definition of parameters DVB-T2-Lite LTE (Release 9)
Type of FEC scheme BCH and LDPC Turbo
FEC code rate 2/3 1/3
Type of modulation 16QAM QPSK
Constellation rotation No -
IFFT size 2,048 (2K) 1,024 (10 MHz)
   2,048 (20 MHz)
Type of PP pattern PP2 -
Guard interval duration 28 μs 4.7 μs
Transmission mode SISO SISO
Carrier frequency (MHz) 794 Downlink (791 ÷ 821)
Channel bandwidth 8 MHz 10 MHz, 20 MHz
RF power (0.1 to 5) W (0.01 to 0.06) W
Channel environment Outdoor-to-indoor Indoor (indoor-to-outdoor)
FEC decoding method 1D LLR [6] Max Log-map
Tx antenna height (m) (above floor) 2 1
Rx antenna height (m) (above floor) 1 1
LTE user equipment - Huawei e389u-15 (LTE UE category 3)
  1. BCH, Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem; LLR, log likelihood ratio; FEC, forward error correction; PP, pilot pattern; IFFT, inverse fast Fourier transform; SISO, single-input single-output; LDPC, low-density parity-check.