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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: SC-FDMA-based resource allocation and power control scheme for D2D communication using LTE-A uplink resource

Parameters Values
The number of CUEs per cell (N C ) 30
Carrier frequency 2.0 GHz
Uplink bandwidth 5 MHz
Total number of subchannels 25
Maximum UE transmission power (P max) 24 dBm [55]
Subchannel bandwidth 180 KHz
Channel model The 20-tap typical urban
  channel model [52]
Path loss exponent (alpha) 3.5
Transmission time interval (TTI) 1 msec
Antenna Gain of eNB 15.0 dB
Antenna Gain of UE 4.0 dB
Noise power density -174 dBm
Transmission power of eNB 43 dBm [56]