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Table 2 Mean of rendezvous diversity index ( \(\overline {D}\) )

From: Systematic construction of common channel hopping rendezvous strategies in cognitive radio networks

\(\overline {D}\) Protocols
0.05 RW2 [25], DRSEQ [23], SSB [28], and FRCH [16]
1.00 EJS [27], ACH(RB) [17], RPS [29], FDCH-RB, and FDCH-CS
  1. RW2, ring walk 2. DRSEQ, deterministic rendezvous sequence. SSB, short sequence-based. FRCH, fast rendezvous channel hopping. EJS, enhanced jump stay. ARCH(RB), asynchronous channel hopping (role based). RPS, role-based parallel sequence. FDCH-RB, full diversity channel hopping- role based. FDCH-CS, full diversity channel hopping- common strategy.