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Table 1 LTE-like systems

From: Practical designs for out-of-band emission suppression and adjacent channel interference rejection for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based cognitive radios

System parameters
Symbol duration: T s = 1/Δf
Subcarrier spacing: Δf = 15 kHz
Number of samples per symbol duration: L = 1024
Active subcarrier index = [−300:−1,1:300]
CP parameters
One subframe: 2 slots/subframe
One slot: 7 data symbols (7T s and half additional symbol duration (0.5T s is used for CP, with CP duration T cp1 = 80T s/1024 L cp1 = 80 L/1024 for the first symbol and T cp2 = 72T s/1024 L cp2 = 72 L/1024 for the other symbols.
Average CP length: L cp = L/14