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Table 5 System parameters

From: Adaptive CSI and feedback estimation in LTE and beyond: a Gaussian process regression approach

Parameters Values
Number of macrocells 19
Sectors per macrocell 3
Inter-cell distance 500 m
Macro antenna gain 15 dB
Macro transmit power 46 dBm
Macro users per sector 2 to 100
Frequency 2.1 GHz
System bandwidth 20 MHz
Number of PRBs 100
Access technology OFDMA FDD
Number of antennae 1(Tx and Rx)
Channel model Winner Channel Model II [25]
Block fading mean 0 dB
Block fading deviation 10 dB
Fast fading 10 dB
Thermal noise density −174 dBm/Hz
Users speed 5 to 60 km/h