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Table 3 Employed numerical parameters

From: Smart home gateway system over Bluetooth low energy with wireless energy transfer capability

Notation Parameter description Value
Δ τ Slot length 10 ms
M Number of sensors var
λ Average arrival rate per sensor var
μ −1 Average size of data 512 bytes [37]
K Number of available channels 37 [3]
r Fixed data rate 236.7 kbit/s
f Operational frequency 2.4 GHz [3]
w Spectral bandwidth 2 MHz [3]
k Propagation exponent 4 [38]
l Wavelength 0.123 m
p max Max power of RF amplifier 10 mW [3]
p min Min power of RF amplifier 0.01 mW [3]
P a Consumption of a waiting sensor 2 mW [6]
P c Circuit power consumption 60 mW [6]
B 0 Energy buffer capacity 2 mAh [39]
η Antenna gain 1.64