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Table 1 Parameter for evaluation

From: Proposal and evaluation of SDN‐based mobile packet core networks

Parameter Description Value
P initial Probablity that a UE initiates an attachment procedure 0.2
P Probablity that a session is generated by UE 0.5
λ k Average arrival rate of session type‐k 0.4
\(\frac {1} {\mu _{k}}\) Averate duration of session type‐k 0.05
\({P_{i}} = \frac {1} {1 + \frac {\lambda _{k}}{\mu _{k}}}\) Probability that a UE is in Idle state  
1−P i Probability that a UE is in Connected state  
S Area of a considered region (k m 2) 500
Nue Total number of UEs  
\(\rho = \frac {\text {Nue}}{S}\) UE density (UEs/ k m 2)  
C Total number of eNBs in a considered region 500
R p Average number of paging transmission per page 1.1
V Velocity of UE  
γ Overlapping factor 1.2
\(r = \gamma \sqrt {\frac {S}{C\pi }}\) Radius of a cell  
L=2π r Perimeter length of a cell (km)  
\(R = \frac {\rho LV} {pi}\) Crossing rate out of a cell (UEs/hour)  
C TAU Tracking area size  
P r GW relocation probability